Hi, I'm kinda new here. My name is William Martinez Berrios, I live in Salinas, PR and I'm an artist. More like a cartoonist to be exact. I draw stuff like Naruto characters, Adventure Time characters, Bleach, as well as video game characters like Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Tekken, Dragon Ball Z. Is that a game or a cartoon. I think it's both. Anyway, those who want to see my art, go to my tumblr "saiyanlegendwill.tumblr.com and give me your comments or your opinions on my art.
(Independent RP of my created character, Saiyan Legend Will.)
Saiyan Legend Will: "I'm Will. Some call me the Saiyan Guardian of the universe, but I'm just a Saiyan with amazing abilities. I'm also the bridge between Good and Evil, Light and Dark, etc. Will RP with any fandom."
(M!A: None.)
Accepting M!As.
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